After ten months of hard work the book has finally become alive, and it is with great excitement that we introduce to you Leaving on a Jet Plane – a Journey through Conflict and Resolution.

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In Leaving on a Jet Plane – A Journey through Conflict and Resolution we will take you on a journey through the world of ‘Conflict and Resolution’. Together we will visit a lot of different destinations where you will get to know various perspectives, tools, and histories with regard to different levels of conflict. On our adventure you will also be introduced to interesting people through some amazing stories, interviews and testimonies.

The book is divided into five different chapters that lead you through this exciting journey. You can choose to visit one destination at a time, or you can take the whole round trip.

Have a look at our Video Introduction to the book! 

‘Conflict and Resolution’ is a very big theme, and there is so much more to explore than what we were able to do within this project. With this book we offer you some insights into this field, and provide you with some stepping-stones to the subject. We hope that you will return from this journey with a lot of new attitudes, skills and knowledge, looking at conflicts in a different light, so that you will be better able to ‘be the change you wish to see’!


The Book will be available in many camps this summer, and you will also soon be able to download it for free or you can order it for free from CISV Norways webpage if you want a hard copy.