The 17th of May is a huge day of celebration for Norwegians. In Norway all the streets get filled up with people wearing traditional costumes called ‘bunad’ and we walk in a parade with music and eat lots of ice cream, cake and hot dogs. Sounds weird, but its lots and lots of fun! This day is celebrated because the Norwegian Constitution was signed May 17, 1814 in a place called Eidsvoll.

All over the world, no matter where they are, Norwegians will get together to celebrate this day. We were in Bogota this day, and the Norwegian embassy had put together an amazing event with lots of Norwegian treats, we sang both the Norwegian and Colombian national song, walked in a parade around the park area and eat too much food! So much fun 🙂

Here are some pictures: 


We got to meet up with another CISVer and currently a Red Cross youth delegate, Johanne.



They made fresh waffles with brown cheese or  jam and sour cream


More ice cream, so happy!


Hot-dogs with Norwegian ketchup and mustard.


So delicious cake.


It was very fun to bring the Juan David and David to celebrate the National-day with us. They thought some of the things we did was a bit weird. :p



Norwegian Waffles.