I have been in Colombia for over three months now, and I totally love it here! Such an amazing place, too much to see and explore, so many nice people and awesome food! However, there are some things that find a little, how to put it… weird? I guess being used to one way from Norway, seeing something different makes my mind wonder off a little…


So lets start with the things I find weird.

1) The first thing that I don’t understand is the lack of toilet seats in many places, also in the public lady toilets. In our house we don’t even have a toilet seat in the bathroom that is connected to my room. I have never experienced this before. Is it just my bad luck?

2) Food here is usually really cheap, especially if you compare it to Norway. There is, however, some things that are ridiculously expensive and that is ‘fast-food’ or 1,2,3 ready noodle-soup things that in Norway would  cost maybe 25-30 kr. Here they cost around 30-35  kroner. Not that big of a price difference, but it is  ridicoulusly expensive considering you can get a  meal at a restaurant for that price. Who buys this here?

3) I find it a little strange that outside the metro-station every once in a while there are some military personnel checking all the guys IDs, to see if they are allowed to skip military service or if they have completed it. If they don’t have this ID on them, they will be put in a truck and sent to a military base. One day JuanDa didn’t have this on him and he had to run back to the house to get it!

4) The Metro – Oh metro, I really like you, but during rush hours you stress me out. It is a battle to get in or out. In Medellín they have really good metro service, and on the speakers they sometimes even announces that you need to smile because its good for you. So adorable!  But people here do not know how to let others off the metro before entering themselves, which becomes a problem during rush hours. If you try to be nice and wait for others to get out of the metro, others who stand behind you will just push on and try to get on. One day Sigrid didn’t even make it onto the metro because she was to nice and wanted to wait (obviously the rest of us, made it on because we are not that nice :P)

5)  I have discovered that sometimes the police stop the busses to check if there are any criminals on the bus (at least thats what David and JuanDa told me). Then a great tip for criminals is to sit in the back of the bus because the police have always just asked for the ID´s of the people near the door (at least that is what I have experienced).

6) Blond highlights on dark hair! They love this combination here. Even sometimes thick blond highlights. So many girls have it. One day I went to the hairdresser showing a picture and everything of what I wanted. what did I get? blond stripes on dark hair. haha! I have seen worse, but I think I will colour my hair before going back to Norway.

7) Pointing direction using their lips! I see the JuanDa and David do it all the time, so funny!

8) Rapping/singing on the bus. I really like this, because some of them are really good. But I still find it weird. Don’t know really why, I just do. Wish they did this in Norway tho.

9) Big surgically made butts. No further explanation needed.



My facial expression when I learn something new.