As CISVers we have an incredible opportunity to make an impact outside of  CISV camps. We learn incredibly much, and it is a waste if it is not brought out ‘there’ to more people in our local communities. In Colombia for example, one of our main tasks besides the book project and our toolbox is to create links and future cooperation with like-minded-organisations (LMOs). Since we are obsessed with the Golden Circle, (as you might have seen in our tool-box video), I will try to explain it using that structure.

Lets start with the base, why should we work with LMOs?

That is quite simple, and I gave you some reasons in the introduction. It is simply because by cooperating with LMOs  we have the opportunity put into action what we have learned, which is the entire goal of CISV.

Now, how can we do this?

There is obviously many roads to the same goal, the important thing  to have in mind is what kind of impact we can have, and how the organisation we chose to work with can have a positive impact on CISV. So just go outside and try to find an organisation that have similar objectives like CISV, try to contact them, our experience has taught us, that a lot of people is willing to work with our organisation once they first get to know about it.

In our case, what we did was to capitalize on an opportunity, that we could not pass up on.

For one of our interviews that will be in the book, we needed to find an organisation that worked with sports. We searched – we found –  and we got an interview. But then after the interview we realised that this was such a great organisation, what we would love to work further with them.


 What are we the Jirafa project doing to make this work? And what can you do?

Right now, we are trying to establish a cooperation with an organisation that needs the help of volunteers to get youths in a town in Colombia, to have a more active role in their community. We will have  some leadership workshops with them, and we will also try to give the youths tools so they can start their own sports supplies factory.

There is no limits to what you can do, any kind of projects can be done together with CISV, there is a lot of knowledge in our organisation just waiting to be exploited. It is always nice to think about the educational purpose of the cooperation, there are thousands of things we as CISVers can offer including our leadership knowledge, or the awareness we count with by being part of this organisation. And even if we do not know that much about sports supplies, the other organisation we formed a cooperation with will have that knowledge, and we can always learn how to do it.

Just dare to make a change!