I love food – I guess I am this group biggest snack person who thinks a little to much about food – but that is because food in Colombia is ‘muy deliciosa’.

Food is something that is unique in every culture. In Norway we are used to eat a lot of bread, whereas in Medellin-Colombia bread is almost non-existent. Here they eat a lot of something called ‘arepas’. They have it for breakfast, and they have it for ‘onces’ (a meal between lunch and dinner). Arepas is a thin corn flour based pancake lookalike thing, which is usually eaten with butter or cheese on top.


Then the second Colombian dish that I love eating is bean soup (sopa de frijoles) with patacones and rice! (.. I am getting hungry just thinking about this). I never really liked beans, but since I came to Colombia I change my mind about beans.


See how delicious this looks!!

What is quite different from Norway is that there we always had to make our own lunch – here, on the other hand, its much more normal to buy something outside. The only thing that is bad about that is that it has become very easy to buy fast-food type of food (even though they have much much more). Especially have I become hooked on a place here called Frisby – Which is like Colombia’s own KFC, and they just sell chicken. The dish that I am hooked on is a genius invention.


-Hello, look at this, 3 in 1!! Brilliant.

Then we have the -oh, so delicious empanada! So fried, but so tasty.


-haha! A lot of food is fried here. But we are also very good at eating fruit and juices – not just fried or unhealthy. A juice will never be the same when I come back to Norway, because here they only use fresh fruits when they make juices.


I can’t make a food-post without talking about ‘Crepes y Waffles’ – a very good and affordable place with an enormous amount of different crepes and waffles with different toppings ( the best thing is that we have one located only 300-400 meters from our house). They have everything from chocolate and strawberries to mushrooms and chicken. This place is also amazing for only hiring single woman who are heads of the family.


Then I must mention our ‘luxury-Wednesdays’. Every Wednesday we rotate on making a really nice dinner. We always invite people over, giving us extra pressure on making something special. So far it has been brilliant, and I think we have set the standard pretty high already.


David made honeycoved chicken with bacon and asparagus on this Wednesday. JuanDa made amazing bacon and cheese hamburgers and Argentinian-style empanadas for his wednesday dinner, and last week I prepared salmon for some people in my Spanish class. The only rule we have for this day, is that when you cook you have to wear a super silly, Homer Simpson apron.

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Kiss the cook! 😉


One last thing I have to mention is ‘panelitas’-, its so delicious. Absolutely a must try if you visit Colombia!!!