Hello, everyone.

Can you believe it? We have actually been in Colombia for three weeks already. Time has gone so fast!

In two weeks we will attend our first mini-camp here in Medellín. And unlike what I feel happened sometimes in Norway, here in Colombia they prepare very well!

We were well over 15 Jr.leaders, the president of CISV Medellín and other staffs who met up on a Saturday at 09.00 in the morning to plan the activities and content of the mini-camp. I will try not to generalise since Norway have so many chapters, and I only attended mini-camps with one of them, but I am pretty sure that kind of attendance would have been rare in Norway.

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We were also there helping in planning the activities. First everyone where split into six groups with three people in each. Then all groups planned activities that were supposed to last for 1 1/2 hour. We sat in these groups for around one hour before all groups had to present to the others what we had planned. This was quite different from the planning that I have been part of in Norway. First off all, it was more difficult to get everyone to attend the planning, and even getting leaders to participate in the mini-camps was neither so easy sometimes. This lead to things being more flexible and sometimes  just planned on the spot during the mini-camp. Personally, I really liked this way of planning even though I was a little shocked and had to confirm that I heard right when I was told that the meeting was at 9.am on a Saturday. Anyway, it was really nice to see so many involved and active.

The activities that were planned is really creative and good, and we all look forward to attend the mini-camp. I feel we attended so many of them in Norway (Read hereherehere), and it will be fun to see how they work here in Colombia.