I dare to say that for many Colombians the term “magic realism” may have been over used in many ways since it got famous here in Colombia. People is familiar with it, thanks to Gabriel Garcia Marquez –  ‘Gabo”, who is one of the most  important exponents of this literary style in the world. One of the characteristics of the magic realism is the addition of surreal characteristics to a natural realistic environment.

I can understand why people refer to it so much. It is also easy to see where the inspiration of our Nobel writer came from. Once you walk and explore the streets of a town in Colombia, you will always finish up sitting on a table under a parasol, having coffee or a cold drink to quench your thirst. Then suddenly everything around you becomes one more story written by Gabo. You will be able to meet or even chat with characters from the magic-real world, that when you see them, sitting there holding a cane, staring at nothing, it seems that they have been there for over a hundred years, waiting for time to pass.



This time we (the jirafas) went to SantaFe de Antioquia (founded in 1541). Surrounded by beautiful landscape,  the colonial architecture, the balconies decorated with flowers and the colorful houses makes this town one of the most famous places to visit – located right outside of Medellin. It is the perfect example of a town full of magic realism.

Colombia is a multicultural country where region to region the manners, the food , even the way people talk changes, and thanks to that, even for the Colombian part of the project (from Bogota) being in this region of Colombia is also an invaluable cultural exchange.



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