Now we’ve been in here in Medellín, Colombia for a little bit more than a week, and the first impression is even better than I thought it would be. For me who have grown up in a place full of mountains, Medellín feels a little bit like home. It’s green everywhere, with nice parks, and the people are very welcoming. This first week we have been living with host families, which I really appreciate. They have all been incredibly friendly, showing us around, feeding us with different kinds of special Colombian food, teaching us Spanish and about Colombia, and have in general been helping us a lot to adjust to this new and exciting place. David just wrote about culture shock, and just like him when he came to Norway, I really haven’t felt any culture shock by coming to Colombia, or not yet anyway.


Sunday evening we moved to our fantastic two floor apartment. This picture is of the view from my bedroom 😀

Shoes inside

Something that is a bit weird for me is that everybody wears the shoes inside. You don’t do that in Norway, and most people would think it a bit rude if you didn’t leave your shoes right inside of the entrance. We have made a “no shoes inside”-rule, let’s see how long we can keep it up :p

The prices

With Norway being one of the most expencive countries in the world, it’s kind of dangerous for us to come to Colombia. Since most things costs less here than at home, it’s so easy to just go crazy, like a few days ago, when May Linn and I went to the hairdresser.

Hos frisøren


As I mentioned, the host families we lived with have been really nice, and have made us taste a lot of different Colombian food. I don’t even remeber the name of all of the different dishes. Amongst the ones I like are the arepa, which is a kind of bread made of cornmeal. It is made in many different variations, some a bit more like cakes than actual bread. I also really like buñuelo, a deep fried ball of cheese, that is very typical to eat for Christmas. The ones I’ve tasted were very salty, but also very good. (When we were in Norway the Colombians made this dish at one of the CISV activities we hosted, and it turned out to be the most popular dish of the evening. Read more about that here.)

Some more pictures from our Colombia adventure:


The famous artist Fernando Botero comes originally from Medellín, we saw a lot of his sculptures around the city.


May enjoys empanadas!


Be careful with your crocs..


View from the metrocable.


This is only a little glimps from the experiences we’ve had so far here in Colombia. There are a lot of new impressions to be taken in, and I’m looking forward to experience more of this exciting country!