Culture shock is defined as a personal disorientation that a person suffers while experiencing an unfamiliar way of life, for example going to another country. Where the people has to face different types of manners, food, weather, even different social environments. But there is another well-known term called the reverse culture shock. This happens every time you have to go back to your own culture and readjust to the way you used to live before.

Personally I have to accept that moving to another country, is always very exciting and so far I haven’t felt such a disorientation or frustration for adapting to new things. Being in Norway was a fantastic experience, everything was so new and so “different”. As soon I got there the fascination started. The different architecture, transportation, people, social rules, food, etc. This last one was maybe the hardest thing to adapt to at the beginning, as a Colombian hot big meals at lunch are mandatory. Very different from Norway where lunch is a piece of bread with some topping. Besides that little fixable thing, to be able to experience and see how well people behave and how everything works so nicely and “on time” was the best part.




The first weeks we were in Oslo which is a small Scandinavian capital where you can smell development. Full of different people, cafe’s, shops and museums; its a very active city. Its size for me, it’s perfect. Bergen conversely is quite small, but incredibly beautiful. There, the smell comes from the mountains that mixed with the smell of the sea makes the perfect combination. Culturally these two cities that I got to know, are in a way distinct but both of them are culturally rich and their civic culture is admirable. And here is where the problem comes, civic culture is contagious and to come back to Colombia and mainly Bogota, where sadly civic culture isn’t one of the best practices of the people, can be a really hard experience. Where to walk, to take a bus or drive a car are not the most pleasing activities.



I have to say I had some kind of reverse culture. But now its all over and for the next four months we will be living in the amazing city of Medellin, where the Jirafa project will restart engines and the two Norwegians gets to experience to live in the great Colombia.