Moving to another city, sharing experiences with new people and walk on different sideways. These were just some of the common things that happened from August until December to David and Me.

Thinking about all the moments we spent in Norway, the activities we planned and in general all the laughs is a little bit nostalgic.

During our last days up north, our friends tried hard to make us have a full Norwegian experience. So we went for a cabin trip! Since we arrived to Norway we have been waiting for the snow, the cabins and to try skiing. But day by day it seemed harder, because in Bergen it was really hard to find snow and skiing seemed more like just a dream.


When we got to the cabin it was already dark, but to me everything was so clear. It was just so beautiful to see all the houses, the roads and just everything covered in white snow. The first thing I did was to make a snow angel. Haha.


Cabin trips are very popular in Norway, its part of their culture and almost all of them have been in a cabin for several days in their lives. Just take a look of this parody and understand how deep in the Norwegian culture it is.

At night we were ready to take advantage of the for casted meteor shower, so we went outside to try to spot some of them. Surprisingly we found not only meteors but a natural light display in the sky. This is caused by charge particles entering to the atmosphere, more known as aurora borealis or northern lights. In that moment we felt so lucky because we have been talking about if for months and trying to find a way to see them. Suddenly there by the cabin they just appeared for us out of nowhere for 10 minutes. This was really lucky because it is not normal that the northern lights appear in that area.


The next day we tried to go skiing. I had to be honest, and said I found it really hard but I tried as much as possible. Even falling in the snow was amazing for me.


It was such an amazing way to say bye to Norway.