A couple of weeks ago, we had the gingerbread-house-activity. It was great to experience a typical Norwegian christmas tradition. But in Colombia we also have our traditions.


With David, I decided that it was time to show Norway and CISV-Hordaland members what christmas is like in Colombia.

To make it simple we made Buñuelos and Natilla, typical christmas deserts from our country. These two dishes is very tasty, well known and  loved by Colombians during christmas season.

So, what is it?

Bueñuelo could be described as a deep fried cheese bread.

History says that this delicious ball were first called Hojuelas and were made in Spain. The ingredients were a bit different, and to make them better they needed to add a tropical taste. The Hojuelas traveled to America with the conquers and in Colombia  they changed the wheat for the Corn Starch and turned them into Bueñuelos.

Bueñuelos are part of the Colombian food culture and you can find them all year long. However, December is their month and the Bueñuelos are considered a synonym for Christmas.

Natilla is a custard full of Colombian flavor.

Experts says that it was originated in abbeys in Spain and France, but again when it crossed the Atlantic, the Corn starch took it to another level. One very special ingredient appears on the scene. That is the Panela (which is unrefined whole sugar cain). This ingredient is in charge of giving the flavor and colour to the dessert.


Yesterday we had the opportunity to share these deserts with kids from CISV Hordaland. This was a huge success, or at least they seem to like it. We also made some christmas decorations together.


It was great to share a part of our Colombian culture with some Norwegians.