Hei hei!

An important part of this project is based on the cultural experience and exchange, looking forward to accomplish this, yesterday we took a wonderful trip called Norway in a Nutshell, a longer but nicer way to go from Bergen to Oslo.

We took trains, a bus and a boat for a total of 14 hours of pure and nice Norwegian Nature. So long story short,  the first thing we did was taking a train from Bergen to Voss not a big thing but what a nice view!

Afterwards, we took a bus from Voss to Gudvangen where we were able to see the Norwegian rain LOL.

But later we took an amazing trip through the narrowest Fiord in Norway. It was just wonderful to see the houses in the middle of nowhere and all the nature around. The perfect cuts that the ice made thousands of years ago in the mountains is something unique.






If this wasn’t enough we travel in  a train that took us from Flåm to Myrdal where I had a great view from my window, the water is so clear that you can see the stones under it, and in general the surroundings.



Finally, we took a train directly to Oslo for about 5 hours.  In our way, the train stopped a couple of times and in one little town I had the chance to see snow for the first time!!! I was so excited, it was a great 5 minutes experience i will never forget. Colombia is a tropical country with no seasons, we do have some snow peaks but I have never been in one of those.


It was a great oportunity to being able to see Norwegian Nature…