As you might already know, a couple of weeks ago we had Verden i Bergen, a great mosaic project where we spent some days with kids from a refugee asylum and other local youths. Since we had great success with a positive and direct impact, I’ve been wondering why don’t we have more Mosaic projects in CISV?




First we should start by remembering that CISV is an organisation that stands for inspiring people to take action and not taking action itself. For me is hard to set up this limits, however, I think both ways are suitable if we are trying to make an impact; here is my opinion on how we can make it better.


Mosaic and IPP (international peoples project) are the newest programmes of CISV. They are a bit different between the traditional CISV camps, mainly on their goals and objectives. These programmes are supposed to aim at a different interaction with the real world . They are the chance to get out from the CISV bubble and do something more than just preventing and inspiring.


I certainly value the idea of preventing and I believe we can inspire and make kids more active global citizens. By doing this CISV educational work creates tolerance, awareness and respect for other cultures. We should never forget that the kids are the present and the future. But don’t you think we can also have a direct impact?

Sometimes I feel that preventing is thinking about the future, but what about the present? I think that CISV needs to have a direct impact in the local things that happens everyday at least in the 60 countries where we have  National Association in.

 I feel that preventing is thinking about the future, but what about the present?

I’ve been in this organisation for more than eight years and today I think that we need to take more action. Around 1.5 billion people live in conflict affected areas, so this does not only applies for CISVers but everyone. We need to stop wondering how can we have a better world and start making ideas a reality; mosaic projects and IPP’s are opportunities that CISV gives to the world to make this happen. We need to connect ourselves with the people outside of our bubble.


There is not a recipe to make this things happen but when we manage to show ourselves as an organisation that acts for the world to be better (present) and inspire people to prevent human rights violations, facing conflicts on a violent way, not being able to respect differences or simply  not taking care of our world in a sustainable way (future). For me if we act in the present and inspire for the future sounds like even better of what we are doing now. We need to start believing that we can also change the world today not only tomorrow.


Then my invitation for you is that every little act can make a difference, go on and take action, what are you waiting for?


Dare to impact the beautiful world outside our bubble!






Image by: Sean MacEntee