Global Dignity Day

Well, apart from the obvious: Today they all celebrated Global Dignity Day!


Since 2011, dignity has had it’s own day, the 3rd Wednesday of October. On this day volunteers all over the world go to schools to hold workshops about this topic. One of the three initiative takers is the Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon, and this year he was a main speaker at Knarvik High School, north of Bergen.


May Linn and Sigrid went to two different high schools as facilitators for the dignity workshop. Like the prince, May Linn was also the main speaker in the school she went to. The picture above is from the result of one of the activities she did in the workshop.


Why have a dignity day?

Global Dignity Day is about becoming more aware of and reflect on what dignity is, what it looks like in one’s own life, and how we ourselves can do small things that increase other people’s sense of dignity. It’s about bringing a shift in the way we think about other people and how we act towards them, to get a stronger sense of value for oneself and for others.


This year thousands of people in more than 70 countries participated in Global Dignity Day. Wanna know more? Click this link!