Sigrid: We need to fill gasoline.

May Linn: Sure, lets do it at the next gas station.

Sigrid: So, how do you notice when the tank is full?

May Linn: Well, wont it start running gasoline out of the tank hole when it’s full?

Sigrid:  Ok, it’s not like it will explode or anything?

May Linn: Hahahaha! Guys! You have no idea what funny question Sigrid just asked me in Norwegian.




This weekend we were on a road trip. Here we got a guided tour that led us to this colourful street. The street is, surprisingly enough, called Fargegata (Color street). The colours might look random to the untrained eye, but according to Camila, our super guide, the city council had an architect carefully design which colours every house should have before painting them.


Blame it on the boogie


Does the houses seem familiar? Anyone who can guess where we were on a road trip this time?


This trip was not just all pleasure, but also a little work. We were visiting our illustration oracle Camila and the beautiful city where she lives. Camila is not just a certified guide, she is also the person that is behind all the effects that CISV-Norway have. If you have a hoodie from Norway, then it is Camila that have designed it. Camila is the one that will help us with everything visual when it comes to the book, and we had some really good and inspiring working sessions with her.


Here are some more pictures from our guided tour. Maybe they will make it easier to guess where we went 😉


Marked i Stavanger


Oljeparken 2




And for those of you that are not very familiar with the cities of Norway: This time we visited Stavanger 🙂