Not only did we celebrate peace one day, we also spent Friday and Saturday in Oslo attending the NEO-seminar. This is a seminar for everyone in CISV Norway who has been a leader of staff at a camp this summer. People going to be leaders later this year also attended, and together we were almost 70 people.
neo 1 NEO 2
On Friday we arranged an activity for everyone, and since it was running late and many had a long day with work or school first we decided to have something that Norwegians really like, a quiz! This Quiz was, however, a little different because the questions we asked were based on the ignorance project which is created by This is a foundation that promotes sustainable global development and the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals. They show that the world might not be as bad as the media makes us believe. One of the questions was for example: What do you think is the life expectancy in the world as a whole today? Here people was not very optimistic, and answered a really low life expectancy. Nowadays the world have the highest life expectancy off all times, even though the media perhaps gives us the perception that there are more natural disasters, wars, and illnesses such as cancer, obesity etc.
To learn more, check out this brilliant TED-talk by the Gapmider-founders.