Last Sunday we were in Oslo to host a Peace one Day event. We did this together with Fiocco and Asia, members of the European Volunteer Service. This year they are working for CISV Norge at the peace house in Oslo.

The six of us had an amazing Sunday with the people in Oslo. We put up our tent at Birkelunden in Grünerløkka. Here many people had their Sunday walk and participated in the activities that we had prepared. We wanted people to know it was time to stop and say we believe that peace is possible.

For people to be more aware of Peace one Day and for them to support peace, we arranged two activities.



Despite the light rain, over 150 people stopped by and wrote a peace message on our balloons. Many of the children also draw pictures on our peace cloth.


By the end of the day, several leaders from CISV Norge visited us, and helped us release all the peace balloons. The balloons spent seven hours in the sky spreading out several peace messages and letting everyone know that peace is possible if more people commit to it. Off course the balloons were environmental friendly and wouldn’t damage the atmosphere.


We would like to thank everyone for coming and letting the world know that you support peace. We want also to thank FK for promoting our event and letting more people aware about this campaign.