Last weekend we had the opportunity to attend Post-StepUp camp in Romarheim. Romarheim is approximately one hour outside of Bergen and used to be a school before CISV-Hordaland chapter bought it.

Here the youths got to share their experiences and activities that they had learned during the summer. This post-camp also gave us the opportunity to get to know the local members, and host some activities related to next year’s content area. Our first activity involved a huge paper with the word conflict. Here we wanted all the participants to write down their thoughts and words they think of when they hear the word conflict.



Many here came up with large scale negative loaded words such as war, fighting, killing etc. This confirmed our thought that many peoples first impression of the word conflict is a negative one. Afterwards we talked about what they wrote and why. After a while, we wrapped it up with the views that all conflicts don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. People might tend to ignore conflicts, but like we wrote in the previous blog post, conflicts does not have to be counterproductive. Resolved in a constructive way it can lead people to develop and grow.

After some educational activities we also had fun playing football and capture the flag.



Here is a little clip summing up our weekend.

Thank you so much CISV Hordaland that wanted us to come and participate at this mini-camp. We had much fun!