After the FK-seminar, we went to the CISV office in Oslo because it was time for the overlapseminar! Here we had the chance to meet up with committee leaders and get more insight about CISV Norway. At this seminar we discussed our goals and got to know each other better. We also had the chance to plan our fist activity as a group, which turned out to be great fun. At least people seemed to enjoy it. By the end of the weekend it was time to say goodbye to Oslo, and fly to Stord were our coordinator Inger-Berit lives. This was easier said then done, but with two min to spare and a short workout session at Gardermoen we made it to the airplane. Some of our luggage was not that lucky, but after three days hanging around at Gardermoen the luggage also decided to take the trip to Stord. In Stord we continued planning how our fall is going to be like. Our book, meetings we want to have with Hordaland´s amazing Youths and how to most efficiently manage to have an impact on the educational content of CISV. With this being the fourth year of the project, and seeing how brilliant the other projects were we have some big shoes to fill, but after these meetings we are pretty sure that is a task we can handle.



We also got to do fun activities – here we are at Kattnakken, the tallest mountain in Stord.